Twin sisters share title as Lindblom High School’s Valedictorian

CHICAGO (WLS) — Valedictorians usually stand alone, but this West Englewood school has two…who just so happen to be twins.

Tia and Tyra Smith are co-valedictorians at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. During high school the twins maintained a 4.0 GPA and were involved in numerous extracurricular-activities.

"We both got into theater at the same time, we joined stage crew at the same time for our schools’ production," Tia Smith said.

"At school we also do student voice committee, last year we did academic decathlon," Tyra Smith added.

After graduation, Tyra Smith’s headed to Northwestern University to study theater and economics. Meanwhile Tia Smith’s going to Duke University to study theater and statistics.

"We’re just people who like to learn a lot, so we focus most on the learning and I think that’s what’s more important," Tia Smith said. "When you leave a school ,you should actually learn something you can use for your future."

Tia and Tyra graduated from Lindblom Math and Science Academy Saturday.

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