Transform The Rental Bathroom Easily

When living in a small rental, the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Plus, it usually does not come with many storage spaces or it does not look like in the magazines. How can you transform a simple rental bathroom in a dream bathroom? Well, it takes a little bit of work, creativity and some free time. The transformation will amaze you, so you will never go back. Are you ready? Here are the tips that will change your bathroom quickly!

The first step to transforming bathrooms in rental apartments is changing the shower. You don’t have to invest in a new shower; it is enough to buy a new shower head that will transform your showers from ok to pleasant. The whole morning and evening routine will be different now that you have a brand new shower! Plus, to make the shower experience complete, you should also invest in a new shower curtain that gives your shower a unique vibe. Go for a bold pattern or for a white curtain that will personalize the entire bathroom. Are you up for the challenge?

Another great thing you can do in your small rental bathroom is to add some storage. In the apartments for rent in Colorado, you will rarely find storage in bathrooms, and that can get pretty annoying, especially when you have many beauty products to store. You can go for “a tension rod for hanging”, for some shelves installed on the wall or in a cabinet under the sink. Whatever option you choose, make it look nice! And while you are at it you should add more storage, as much as you can actually. Go to hanging cabinets or mounted shelves to store the towels, medication, perfumes or other beauty products you don’t use regularly.

If you already have storage space but you just don’t like it, you can update it easily. You can replace the knobs on the cabinets, or you can repaint them in a vibrant color. You can also update other things in the bathroom, such as the mirror or the lighting. Usually, mirrors in rentals don’t look great, and they can be really old and overused. Invest in a new mirror and you will instantly feel more beautiful! Another thing to do in cheap apartments in Englewood Colorado is updating the lighting. Bathrooms usually don’t benefit from great lighting which can make the entire bathroom look poor and ugly. Invest in a new lighting or just change the lightbulb with a softer one. It will do wonders for your bathroom!

Therefore, you can instantly change the whole atmosphere in the bathroom with a few changes that are not that difficult to achieve. Start to live in a comfortable rental by making the necessary changes. Take these tricks into consideration and update your lifestyle right now!